Game of the Year PlayStation Reader Vote

Right, let's put a recycled bow around our Game of the Year coverage with one last article, asking: what was your favourite PlayStation game of 2015? You've read our picks, so now it's time to have your say – and yes, we're well aware that our forum users selected The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but please let us pad out another day of content by posting one last poll.

Below, we've included the 25 titles that scored highest in our internal vote. We appreciate that not everyone's favourite will be included here – technical limitations and all that – so we've added an 'Other' option for those outstanding absentees. Don't forget to tell us what you picked and why in the comments section below – that's all part of the fun really, innit.

We'll be keeping the poll open until 12:00PM GMT on Monday, 4th January, at which point we'll take a snapshot of the results and concoct some more filler content while we come to terms with coming back to work. Got it? Good. Have a think, then, and vote away – will it be Bloodborne, Fallout 4, or something a little out of left-field? Let us know down below.

The poll is now closed. Thanks very much for voting.