Fat Princess Adventures

Fun Bits has posted on the PlayStation Blog stating that it's rolling out its latest update 1.02 for Fat Princess Adventures, which features free DLC and more cakes for the Princess to eat.

The feast will be served tomorrow on the PlayStation 4 and contains two new cake slices to eat: 'Short Cakes' Tavern' and 'Arena Mode', both of which will be unlocked for free as a form of DLC to celebrate the New Year.

Short Cakes' Tavern is a new location which you can use to meet with current friends or make new ones within, and then you can then jump into the Arena Mode together. Arena Mode isn't instantly unlocked as you'll need to defeat Zug in the story mode in order to unlock the new challenging mode, but once you've got it you can play for hundreds of more hours as you're constantly battling endless swarms of enemies.

Lastly in the update is a new, purchasable DLC labelled the 'Super Awesome Hero Loot Pack', which gives the buyer new gear and customisation options such as tattoos, scars, make-up, as well as new weapons like the stun baton. Tasty!

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]