Mortal Kombat X PS4 PlayStation 4 Kombat Pack 2

At this point, NetherRealm Studios may as well just turn Terrordrome into a real title, as it's slowly adding every slasher icon that it can license to Mortal Kombat X. A trailer for the brawler's second Season Pass has leaked ahead of The Game Awards, revealing that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface and Alien's Xenomorph will be joining the fight in 2016.

The horror film favourites will be accompanied by not-so friendly drunk Bo Rai Cho and Tri-Borg – an all-new combatant comprising of Cyrax, Sektor, and Robot Smoke. The trailer has been temporarily taken offline ahead of its official unveiling in a few hours, but we'll update this article as and when the video becomes available.