dead or alive xtreme 3 PS4

Near the end of last month, we reported on a statement that had appeared on the official Dead or Alive Facebook page. Whoever was in charge of dealing with replies on the page told one user that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 wouldn't be heading West due to fears of a backlash. If you don't already know, there's already been some controversy surrounding the release due to its risqué nature. Of course, the Facebook comments only added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, Koei Tecmo's official European Twitter account seemed to support what was said on Facebook, and added that those who want an English version of the game should look into importing the Asian version, which features English subtitles.

However, the Japanese company has now shared its official stance on the situation. The company states that "the comments recently made by an employee regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 on the official Dead or Alive Facebook page only reflect that individual's opinion and not the opinion or business strategy of Koei Tecmo Games". In other words, the publisher doesn't necessarily agree with the assumption that the title isn't coming overseas due to fears of a backlash.

So, does this mean that the game actually has a chance of launching in North America and Europe? We still wouldn't get your hopes too high. The statement continues: "We remain focused on delivering the best fighting entertainment to our fans around the world, while consciously respecting and strategizing to support the different global audiences the Dead or Alive franchise lends itself to." It concludes: "Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 remains in development and is still planned for release in Japan and Asia only."