Kingdom Hearts III PS4 PlayStation 4 2.8

It's time to go quackers: Santa will be sucking in his stomach and slipping down your chimney in order to deliver a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer today. Presumably this will be an extended version of the grainy Buzz Lightyear teaser that hit the online airwaves earlier in the week. We're Sora excited to watch it, so hopefully Square Enix proves that it ain't Dumbo and uploads it soon.

Also being readied in time for the Christmas festivities is fresh Kingdom Hearts HD II.8: Final Chapter Prologue footage. Yes, the name makes us feel like Scrooge, too, but with the set packing a high-definition version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and an all new story set after the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, we're feeling positively Goofy over the prospect of seeing more.