Tools of the trade

Let's cut right to the chase: if you're anything like us, that 500GB hard drive that's sat inside of your PlayStation 4 since launch is becoming a growing hassle. You're probably having to delete older games so that you can install new ones, and every time that there's a hefty patch to download, you get that really annoying error message saying that says you don't have enough room for it. Fortunately, as you're no doubt already aware, you can switch out your PS4 hard drive for something a little more spacious.

However, the process of jumping to a new means of storage can be confusing if you're not particularly tech savvy, and that's why we've taken a look at Oyen Digital's Hard Drive Upgrade Kit for the Sony PlayStation 4.

Essentially, this kit provides everything that you'll need to upgrade your machine's hard drive in one modestly sized box, complete with easy to understand and straightforward instructions. Oyen Digital's upgrade kit obviously isn't for those of you that would have no trouble building your own custom PC, but that's not the audience that this product is aiming for. Simply put, if you're willing to spend a little extra for the convenience of having everything that the upgrade process requires, then this kit is a great option.

So, what's in the box? The kit includes a brand new 1TB hard drive that's compatible with the PS4, an 8GB USB flash drive, a small screwdriver, and a plastic case that you can use to transform your old hard drive into an external storage device. As mentioned, you also get a clear and concise instruction booklet, which breaks down the process into several relatively simple steps.

Let's start with the hard drive itself. Obviously, you can now purchase PS4 systems that already come with a 1TB hard drive, so this kit is really for those of you who are still making do with a 500GB model. The included drive is also faster than the standard 5400RPM hard drives that come readily installed in Sony's console, which supposedly equates to better all round performance. Having said that, since installing our own review kit, we haven't noticed much of a difference in things like load times or the general quickness of our PS4's user interface and system menus. We haven't ran any especially technical tests with regards to this, but the fact is that if we haven't noticed any clear differences, then the average consumer isn't going to either.

Next up is the 8GB USB drive, which is primarily used so that you can copy all of your save data before removing your old hard drive. Later in the process, you'll also be using the USB stick to transfer the latest PS4 firmware update from a laptop or PC to the PS4, once the new hard drive is installed. Again, this is something that the instructions provide easy-to-follow steps on in its entirety. Plus, generally speaking, an 8GB USB drive isn't a bad little storage device to have knocking around.

The last little bit of tech that you'll find in the box is a plastic enclosure for your old hard drive so that you can, as previously stated, turn it into external storage drive, which is a nice bonus. What's more, instructions on how to complete this optional process are also included.

Ultimately, there are cheaper options when it comes to upgrading your PS4's hard drive, but if you're looking for a way to blast through what can be a tiring process with the smallest amount of potential hassle, then Oyen Digital's all-in-one kit is definitely worth a look.