destiny ps4 patch titan sunbreaker

It's fair to say that Destiny has dropped off for many players with the release of blockbusters like Star Wars: Battlefront and Fallout 4 invading their free time, but with the Bungie confirming that December's big patch is hitting next week, we're sure that the release will once again see a spike in active users.

As previously reported, the upcoming update will make numerous changes to the title's weapon balance, nerfing the now dominant pulse rifles and buffing gun types such as auto rifles, fusion rifles, and side arms. What's more, patch 2.1.0 will also be throwing fresh exotics into the mix; some are brand new, while others are being promoted from year one. Who's ready for the glorious return of the Mida Multi-tool, then?

Meanwhile, at some point later today, the developer will be detailing the changes that it's making to the Titan subclasses. These alterations are supposedly being made due to the Sunbreaker's super dominance in competitive multiplayer, but Bungie will also be tweaking Defenders and Strikers, too.

Finally, vendors will be accepting various new material donations in order to increase your standing with their faction, which sounds like a welcome change. Will you be diving into Destiny when this update releases? Gather a raiding party in the comments section below.