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Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? It doesn't feel like that long since we all bemoaned November's big PlayStation Plus update, but we're expecting Sony to announce December's offering next week, with a release likely to follow on 1st December. The question is: what kind of content do you want?

It's definitely been a lacklustre couple of months for the Japanese giant's paid subscription service, with highlights being few and far between. In particular, the PlayStation 3 and Vita are starting to show their age, and that's bringing down the quality of the service across the board. We'd like to see the platform holder start to focus solely on the PS4 pretty soon.

There aren't a huge number of confirmed December releases that fit the Instant Game Collection bill, so it's likely that next month's lineup will rely on catalogue titles yet again. Being the last update before Christmas, we reckon that something like Killzone: Shadow Fall would go down very well – but it all depends on whether the organisation wants to make a splash.

But while we wait, we figured that it may be fun for you to share your dream picks. What would really get you pumped if it was given away as part of December's update? Try to be reasonable – you're not going to get Star Wars Battlefront or Just Cause 3 – and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.