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The announcement of the Xbox One Elite controller at E3 2015 was met with furrowed brows here at Push Square Towers. It wasn't that we thought the controller looked bad – far from it – but we felt that peripherals are already outrageously priced on both new-gen consoles, so who would ever stump up $149.99 for a single handset? As time's gone on, though, we've started to warm to the optional peripheral – but is it a concept that Sony should borrow from its fiercest rival?

The DualShock 4 represents an absolutely enormous improvement over its predecessor, but it's not perfect. Build quality has been a big issue with the peripheral since launch, and while it has quietly improved over the course of the generation, it's still not where it needs to be. The left analogue stick on this author's launch controller broke, and that's been a common theme across the team. Your host's replacement has a squeaky trigger – it's not really ideal, is it?

Seeing as Sony's charging upwards of $50 for a controller, the first thing that it should do is sort out these issues – but there are base problems with the DualShock 4 that only a premium peripheral could solve. We're talking about things like the battery life, which is pretty poor, and the sharp nature of the options and share buttons. There are also complaints regarding the stick placement – even though we'll personally prefer the symmetrical layout until the day we die.

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But what if a hypothetical DualShock 4 Elite solved all of these problems in one steep but high quality stroke? The premium option could include interchangeable parts allowing for symmetrical and asymmetrical stick layouts. It could come with a bigger battery so you don't have to charge it all of the time. It could ship with paddles on the rear for additional control. And it could offer premium parts so the feel of the peripheral is, well, a bit more luxurious.

The cost, much like on the Xbox One, would probably be a deterrent for many – but there's no harm in Sony offering the option for those that want it. Indeed, if the Japanese giant's serious about positioning its console as the home of tournament tier first-person shooters, then it should probably offer the best controller in the business, too. In its current state, the DualShock 4 has too many build issues to be that – but many of the problems could be solved with higher-quality parts.

Spending a whopping $149.99 on a controller is never going to appeal to everyone, but according to a relatively recent Push Square survey, more than half of you spend over 15 hours a week playing games. When you're spending that much time with a DualShock 4 in your hands, wouldn't you prefer to be holding a premium peripheral rather than a creaky one? You'll all have different views on this we're sure – but we don't think that it would cost Sony all that much money to merely offer the option.

Would you buy an Elite DualShock 4 controller if the PlayStation maker released one? What's the maximum that you'd pay for a peripheral like this? Are you happy with the PS4's input device as it is? Push our buttons in the comments section below.

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