Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Uh oh, where's Robert Ramsey when you need him? Oh right, he's working on a very high-profile review. Looks like you're stuck with this casual Mass Effect fan to talk you through the latest Mass Effect Andromeda teaser, which has popped up to celebrate the obnoxious N7 Day. BioWare previously said not to expect anything on its forthcoming PlayStation 4 sequel today, but while this doesn't include any meaningful footage, we're sure that it will stir up some excitement among rabid franchise aficionados.

In the clip, we see stock NASA footage set to a Jennifer Hale voiceover. In it, Commander Shepard – or FemShep, as she's more affectionately known – appears to be recording a final message, whereby she signs off at the end. We already know that the upcoming game will not continue the abovementioned protagonist's plot, so this seems like a final send-off for the character – it would certainly make sense given that 7th November is celebrated by hardcore fans.

We do get a good look at a new ship (or ark?) towards the end of the teaser, which may well factor into the forthcoming game. Could it be the one that you'll pilot in Andromeda – or will it feature in some other way? Maybe it's just there because it looks cool – this author doesn't have a clue. Either way, we do know that Mass Effect Andromeda is still on track for a Fall 2016 release, so perhaps it's time that BioWare stopped tweeting about it and started showing it.