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Good lord, BioWare, how long will you make us wait? Between really vague and annoying employee tweets, game expo appearances that feature nothing but concept art, and a disappointingly short CG trailer, we've been shown next to nothing of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

If you hadn't noticed, the 7th of November, otherwise known as N7 Day to Mass Effect fans, isn't too far away. Many intergalactic enthusiasts have been hoping for some sort of news regarding the next game in the series, but the developer's gone ahead and crushed any flicker of hope.

Posting on the official BioWare blog, the studio states that it has plenty planned for N7 Day, including livestreams and community spotlights, but it has no intention of sharing any new information on Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, it does write that it has some surprises up its sleeve - do we dare dream of a remastered trilogy?

So what do you think? Have we waited more than long enough for some decent info, or are we just impatient? Dust off your N7 armour in the comments section below.

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