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The gift that keeps giving is about to go a bit Mad Max, as Rocket League is gearing up for the release of its first "non-regulation" arena, Wasteland. This new pitch – which will be free for all players – is bigger than previous stadiums, and features irregular boost placements. It's also sloped around the perimeter, making matches "flow" differently. "It's the first of many 'unusual' arena designs that we plan to introduce in the future," Jeremy Dunham explained.

While the new stadium will be free, you'll be able to give the developer a bit of money with the new Chaos Run add-on. This will include two rough-and-ready vehicles, Ripper and Grog, alongside the usual roster of decals, paint types, wheels, rocket trails, toppers, antennas, and Trophies. It'll set you back just $3.99, and is due in early December. Will you be tearing up the Wasteland once this expansion arrives? Go for goal in the comments section below.