pes 2016 free to play.jpg

Just a day after announcing that the long-awaited Data Pack #2 would be hitting PES 2016 on the 3rd December, Konami, to much surprise, has also revealed that a free-to-play version of the football sim will release a week later.

This free version will contain seven teams to use in exhibition mode, as well as the full selection of training modes and the myClub feature – essentially PES' counter to FIFA's Ultimate Team. You'll be able to play offline and online, and – yes, you guessed it – just like in the full game, myClub will have microtransactions.

What's more, the free version will nab all of the free content updates, as well as weekly myClub updates that the full version gets. It's pretty obvious that Konami is trying to squeeze every last drop of money out of PES 2016, and we daresay that this free-to-play edition will undoubtedly be able to rake in some extra cash. All in all, it makes perfect sense business-wise – especially if it can help convince FIFA players to convert to the church of PES.

FIFA players, will you give this free version a try? And PES players, how do you feel about this? Score a top corner free kick in the comments section below.