The Last of Us PS4 PlayStation 4 Naughty Dog

At the time of typing, the PlayStation 4 is days away from its second birthday. For some reason, though, people are already looking ahead to the next generation. Apparently, there's a concern that Naughty Dog may not have enough time to put another title on the system once Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is done and dusted. It seems like madness to us – and community strategist Arne Meyer appears to agree.

"I would hope that we would release a game pretty soon," he reassured "Yeah, our development cycles aren't too long and I have no idea how long this console generation really is going to last, but, yeah, there's no doubt [that our next game] should release in this console generation for sure."

We suppose that the big question revolves around what the studio's actually going to produce. It's suggested that next year will mark the end of the road for Nathan Drake, and it seems unlikely to return to Jak & Daxter any time soon. It could, of course, create a new franchise – but there's been a groundswell of speculation regarding The Last of Us 2 lately, so we'd put money on that. In fact, we'd be surprised if it didn't already have a small team working on it.