Is that a sword or are you pleased to see us?

You're going to need to grind for some spare cash if you fancy buying Dark Souls III's leaked Prestige Edition, as a United Arab Emirates retailer has listed it for 1,799 UAE dirham – or roughly $490. The set includes a copy of the game in a metal case, three iron patches, a cloth map, a hardcover art book, a copy of the soundtrack, and a colossal 40cm Lord of Cinder figurine. If you don't fancy taking on an extra job, then may we suggest selling your soul for this one.

Alternatively, you could just get the bog-standard Collector Edition, which includes all of the above, except with a 25cm Red Knight figurine in lieu of the Lord of Cinder one. The store has listed a 12th April release date for both sets, which is more specific than the vague release window that Bandai Namco has offered us in the past. We'll reach out to the publisher and try and get some clarification. In the meantime, start searching behind the sofa for some extra cents.

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