PlayStation Vita Waterfield Case
Image: WaterField Designs

Sony may not be sure whether it's done with the PlayStation Vita, but we're certainly not finished with the format. The handheld may not have set the sales charts alight, but it's host to dozens of amazing games – many of which, like Persona 4 Golden, remain shamefully nestled in this author's backlog. You can guarantee that we'll be taking the handheld with us on many a trip moving forwards, then – and so we've been searching for a stylish case to keep our system safe.

That's when Waterfield got in touch – purveyors of fine portable storage pouches. You may have seen some of their lines on sister site Nintendo Life, and there's a reason that we keep giving the company coverage – because their products, quite simply, rock. The City Slicker case – as pictured above in a grizzly brown finish – is a far cry from the cheap and cheerful accessories that you'll find in a specialist games store, rocking a sturdy leather flap and a ballistic nylon exterior.

The City Slicker is a far cry from the cheap and cheerful accessories that you'll find in a specialist games store

This thing reeks of quality – quite literally. Upon opening the package you'll be greeted by the smell of shoes, an aroma which has remained on our sample even after weeks of use. The poppers which fasten the front shut are super sturdy, while the interior is soft and the perfect size for either the vanilla Vita or its slimmer twin. We've thrown the case in and out of our bag a handful of times now, and our reckless behaviour has done zero damage to our console – or, indeed, the case.

As well as the storage sector for the system itself, there are five cartridge slots sewn in. Unfortunately, these lack the smooth surface of the core cubbyhole, so there is a risk that you may scratch your game card's exposed rear chip. We certainly haven't encountered anything like that, though. Meanwhile, the back of the pack has a zipped storage sector, with enough room for a USB cable or earbuds. There's also a little fabric loop towards the bottom which can be used for carrying purposes.

With a price point of $59 (~£38) this is one of the more expensive cases on the market, but its quality really shines. We like the manly look of the grizzly sample that we were sent, but there are jazzier alternatives available if you fancy something a little more colourful. This is a stylish and well-made product whichever colour you choose, though – and while it is steep, don't you think that your Vita deserves a treat?

This review was based upon a sample PS Vita City Slicker Case provided by Waterfield. If you'd like to buy one for yourself, they're available to purchase through here.