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There are still theories floating around that No Man's Sky could get a shock release during Sony's big Paris Games Week press conference tomorrow – even though Hello Games boss Sean Murray has debunked them. We reported on an listing earlier in the year which pointed towards a 27th October launch, and now VG247 has said that "friends" of the site are claiming a similar thing.

If you squint a little, it does make sense. The title was recently taken on a tour of major American chat shows, and while no launch window was offered during those sessions, it's unusual for a title that's not ready for release to get such high-profile promotional time. Of course, launching such a big game with no real PR campaign could be a disaster – especially seeing as Halo 5 is due out on the same day.

Naturally, Sean Murray says that the speculation's not true. "I heard that rumour that No Man's Sky is stealth releasing on 27th October," he told an inquisitive fan. "It's false." The cynic in us reckons that he'd say this either way, because admitting that the game's days away would kind of spoil the surprise. Then again, maybe this rumour really is way off base. If that's the case, though, why are the team demoing the title on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when they should be, y'know, polishing it up and getting it on store shelves?

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