NieR New Project PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Platinum Games must be the busiest developer in the industry right now. Not content with having just released Transformers Devastation, the Japanese studio is working on about a billion other games – all of which are due out on various platforms and being made for several different publishers. One such high-profile collaboration on its worksheet right now is NieR New Project for the PlayStation 4 – but while series custodian Square Enix is involved, it's the Osaka-based organisation that's doing most of the heavy lifting.

"We are of course getting help from Square Enix, and the composer for the original game is back to make new music," designer Yasuhisa Taura told GameSpot. "Also, the character design is being done by Akihiko Yoshida who works on CyDesignation, so we are borrowing people from other companies. But the majority of development is being done here." Control freaks!

According to the developer, the project came about when Square Enix proposed a collaboration. Conveniently, Taura had already been working on a concept for a new game inspired by the original NieR, and so the two firms decided to get a room with a balcony view. But with the Drakengard spin-off being a bit, well, crap, what drew Taura to the series in the first place? "The music and the script are what caught my attention the most," he said.

Taura added that as an action game designer he's enjoying the challenges that stem from working on a role-playing release. "I've had a lot of fun playing around with that kind of system design," he ambiguously concluded. The title will allegedly be at Paris Games Week later this month, so we should find out more then. In the meantime, maybe consider finding the original PlayStation 3 release in a bargain bin. It's a cult classic, apparently.