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Those documents that have been dug up following a legal battle between Bungie and fired soundtrack composer Marty O'Donnell have turned out to be a bit of a gold mine, eh? Following on from yesterday's report that Destiny's story was considerably altered one year before it launched, more digging from VideoGamer has revealed that you could have been playing Destiny 2 in just a couple of weeks.

Originally planned for launch on the 20th September 2015, Destiny 2 was going to be the first sequel to the sci-fi shooter. Taking into account that Destiny was supposed to launch in 2013 before it was delayed for an entire 12 months, this original plan was all about releasing a new game every other year, with Destiny 3 hitting in 2017, and Destiny 4 launching in 2019. Furthermore, things would be capped off with the franchise's biggest ever expansion in 2020.

Given Activision's track record, it's a release schedule that makes sense. Presumably, each title would be padded out with expansions like The Dark Below and House of Wolves - but does all of this mean that we may end up seeing Destiny 2 this time next year? We wouldn't like to say, but it could easily be possible. After all, why wouldn't the company stick to its original plan of launching a sequel every other year?

What do you reckon? Do you think that a sequel is inevitable in 2016, or would you rather see the original game be built upon with more downloadable content? Resist pulling out your wallet in the comments section below.

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