Tokyo Game Show Pre-TGS PS4 PlayStation Press Conference

Sony's just closed the curtain on its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, which was breathless at points. The platform holder revealed a new Bloodborne expansion, as well as Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4. Third-parties were also out in force, with SEGA announcing two new Yakuza titles, while Bandai Namco rolled out fresh Toukiden and One Piece games.

But what did you think of the press conference? Which announcements got you most excited? Are you impressed by the sheer variety of software that's in production for the PS4? Rate the reveals in the comments section below, and remember to keep your eye on the homepage throughout the rest of the week as we bring you all of the biggest news from Japan.

How would you rate Sony's pre-TGS press conference? (92 votes)

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