Dark Souls III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Want to get an early taste of Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4? There's good news for you masochistic individuals, then, as Bandai Namco is requesting registrations for an upcoming server stress test. Hapless victims have until 15:00PM BST on 4th October to show some interest, though signing up will not guarantee access by any stretch.

Should you get in, you'll have between 14th October and 18th October at specific times to respawn your way through the dreary sequel. "The test involves evaluating the load on game servers, checking the game system and balance, and eliminating any remaining bugs," a publisher spokesperson explained. "Don't be surprised if you run into bugs and other issues as you play."

Are you ready to bite the dust in the name of bug busting? Leave a plentiful supply of souls in the comments section below.

[source cbt.darksouls3.com]