Call of Duty: Black Ops III 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 Bundle 2

Sony has not one but two blockbuster PlayStation 4 bundles lined up this November, with the already announced Star Wars Battlefront box set to be accompanied on store shelves by a custom Call of Duty: Black Ops III console. The announcement was inevitable ever since Activision took to the stage to declare PlayStation as the new home of the first-person mega franchise at E3 2015 – and it must have the Japanese giant feeling like it's got the holidays on lock.

The custom design – which sports the sequel's ember orange logo on the front, in addition to coloured power and eject buttons and emblems to signify the title's three main modes – will ship with a 1TB hard drive, which will mark the first time that the beefier model will be made available in North America. You'll also get a grey and orange controller, complete with the game's 'III' logo on the grip. Don't worry if you've already got a PS4, because the peripheral will be available separately.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops III is without a doubt the most ambitious game that Call of Duty has ever created – Treyarch is pushing the boundaries across each and every mode of play on the PS4," said Call of Duty chief Rob Kostich. "From day one, it has been designed to push the franchise to new heights on next generation hardware. We cannot wait for you to experience Black Ops III for yourselves, and we hope that you like the Black Ops III Limited Edition PS4 as much as we do."

Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg for PlayStation and Activision's latest partnership: all of the game's downloadable content will launch 30 days earlier on Sony's new-gen machine, too. In truth, we're not too keen on the custom console, but between this and the aforementioned Battlefront bundle, the Japanese giant must feel like it's got November sewn up. The limited edition hardware will launch on 6th November, and will cost $449.99 in the United States.

But what do you think of the bundle? Do you like its neon looks, or would you have preferred something a little more subtle? Do you think that this is going to sell like crazy over the busy Christmas period, or do you reckon that Call of Duty's long beyond its best? Hum your best rendition of Back in Black in the comments section below.

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