PS4 Trophies Trophy Screenshots Disable PlayStation 4

Sony's long tradition of incorporating interesting but flawed firmware features continued recently with the addition of automatic Trophy screenshots. This seemed like a great idea, allowing you to commit key moments to history without even needing to think about it. However, it quickly frustrated many when they realised that their hard drive was being filled up with boring images. Fortunately, it can now be disabled.

1. Press the Share button

To switch off automatic Trophy screenshots, you'll need to begin by pushing the share button. We'd recommend doing it from the home screen, but the feature is generally available in most games, too.

2. Enter the Share Settings menu

When the Share screen appears, push the options button to bring up a side menu down the right of the screen. Scroll down to 'Share Settings' and select it.

3. Enter the Screenshot Settings menu

In the Share Settings menu, scroll down to 'Screenshot Settings' and select it.

4. Disable automatic Trophy screenshots

Once you're in the Screenshot Settings menu, you should find an option labelled 'Take Automatically When You Earn Trophy'. This will be checked by default, but select it to remove the tick and you should be good to go.