What will it be?

Well, this is all rather novel and exciting, isn't it? Sony has launched the inaugural Vote to Play competition on the PlayStation 4, allowing you to choose your next PlayStation Plus freebie. The poll – which can be accessed via the What's New app at the present, but will presumably also appear in the PlayStation Store – includes written and video intel on each candidate, and is impressively implemented.

All you need to do is pick the game that you like most, and then hit the submit button. You can change at any time, so there's no pressure if you make a mistake, though keep in mind that the ballot boxes will be locked tight on 24th August at 08:30AM PT (that's 17:30PM BST if you're in the UK). Our survey showed that Grow Home is most likely to win, with 45 per cent of you voting for Ubisoft Reflections' platformer – but will the rest of the PlayStation community agree with you?

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