"No, you can't see that"

Until Dawn doesn't go totally SAW, but it does have a little fun with a saw blade at one point. Sadly, those playing the slasher in Japan will not get to see all of the gore, as the game has been censored in arguably the worst way imaginable. In the sequence involving entrails and other viscera, the Eastern version simply cuts to black, allowing you to hear the nastiness but never see it.

The worst part comes a little later, when rather than reframe the scene, the game cuts to black again so that you can't see a limpless, murdered body in the background. This is no surprise from the Asian nation, of course, as earlier in the year all winkies were removed from The Order: 1886. Still, it must be disappointing buying a horror game, only to have all of the gore removed.

You can see the differences courtesy of the video embedded below, but obviously there are enormous spoilers for the game within, so don't watch it if you're sensitive to those sorts of things. It's also pretty darn gruesome in the Western version, so you've been warned.

[source youtu.be, via vg247.com]