"Censor the darn game"

The Order: 1886 got a lot wrong, but we were able to respect its mature depiction of nudity to a degree. While certain games – God of War, for example – revel childishly in the odd bit of revealed flesh, Ready at Dawn's historical shooter just gets on with things, showing various parts of female and male anatomy when the context is correct. Well, in the Western version at least.

Recently, some overseas gamers started sharing screenshots from the brothel section of the PlayStation 4 exclusive game, in which one woman has her breasts exposed – but nipples removed. We won't reproduce the image here for obvious reasons, but if you want to see it, click here. It goes without saying that this is 100 per cent not safe for work, school, or any similar location.

While this is a quick and dirty edit, though, a little more effort has been invested into the sex scene section. In addition to completely re-cutting the sequence, characters have been clothed and certain body parts covered up as a consequence. You can watch a comparison below, but again, we don't recommend it if you're at work.

The game already received a 'Z' rating when it released in the East earlier in the year, which is equivalent to an 18 in Europe. Interestingly, this tier allows for sexual content and nudity as per the ratings board's guidelines, so we're not entirely sure why it's been removed. Then again, we suppose that even adult content has a tendency to be censored in the Land of the Rising Sun – or so we're, er, told.

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