League of legends

Gearbox Software's MOBA meets first-person shooter Battleborn will level up on 9th February, publisher 2K Games has revealed as part of a Gamescom 2015 trailer. The forthcoming PlayStation 4 affair will launch with a total of 25 playable characters, each packing unique weapons and skill trees. Much like in DOTA 2, you'll be able to boost your abilities as you play – though there will be persistent upgrades, too.

The area where this is perhaps going to have the most success is when played socially. You'll be able to go through the story alone, but it will also feature local and online co-op. And, of course, there'll be competitive modes which, in one playlist, will see you defending your base from lanes of AI controlled minions. Stop us if you've heard this one before. A beta's set to take place in the near future, but there's no word on a date for that just yet.

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