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Ever thought a Western developer's DLC procedures were heinous? Gal Gun: Double Peace, the premier pheromone flinger on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, has taken things to the next level – by allowing you to see through lady's garments for ¥10,000 (~$82). Siliconera reports that the Pheromon Z item practically adds nudity to the title, which is already decidedly risqué at the best of times.

Things get even weirder with the Angel's Cutting Board and the Demon's Meat Buns – two ¥1,000 (~$8) add-ons which allow you to decrease or enlarge the size of your subjects' breasts respectively. There are also a bunch of garbage costumes up for grabs, which will set you back ¥500 (~$4) apiece. The developer has shown interest in bringing this sexually charged rails shooter overseas. We're sure that it's going to go down just great.

... No pun intended!

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