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A potential reaction to the news

If you've ever seen footage of Gal Gun: Double Peace, then you'll know why we put the word 'risqué' in the headline. The shoot-'em-up sees you blast away infatuated schoolgirls with the power of love against colourful backdrops, and for some, it's bound to be one step too far into the realm of weird, but at least we're seeing an influx of niche Japanese titles actually being released outside of their homeland. The more the merrier, right?

Currently, Inti Creates is on the lookout for a Western publisher so that the game can head overseas. Once things are finalised, localisation of the release will begin - although there's no telling just yet if any specific parts of the shooter will be removed in the process. You can probably expect the title to launch at some point next year.

Is this one on your radar, or is it a bit too detached from your tastes? Shoot down those who would stalk you senseless in the comments section below.

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