Tales from the Borderlands PS4 PlayStation 4 1

For all four people that care avidly about Borderlands lore: Tales from the Borderlands' penultimate episode will deploy alongside a bad gag or six on 18th August in Europe and North America. The most riveting series in Telltale Games' ever expanding portfolio of franchise tie-ins will find protagonists Rhys and Fiona in hot pursuit of that MacGuffinest of MacGuffins – the Vault Beacon.

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We're probably being a teensy bit harsh as we've been moderately fond of this spin-off so far, but when you've got DONTNOD utterly outclassing the American developer in practically every department, one has to question what the studio's doing faffing around with franchises such as Borderlands and Minecraft. Sigh, so much wasted potential.

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