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It doesn't matter if the final product is as bad as Jar Jar Binks, the forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront is going to sell enough copies to fund the construction of a real Millennium Falcon. One could argue, though, that for as fun as the game looks, publisher EA is half arsing it – where is the epic single player campaign involving memorable movie moments for starters?

According to the usually likeable Peter Moore – who was speaking to GameSpot, potentially at a tattoo parlour – the game doesn't have a traditional story mode because "data" suggests that "few people" actually play them. The executive even had the gall to compare the situation to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which launched with a subscription but quickly went free-to-play.

"Between when a dev team starts work on a game, and when it finishes, the world becomes a different place," he said, suggesting that single player campaigns have apparently gone out of fashion since it started work on Star Wars Battlefront. To be honest, he's probably right that people spend more hours in multiplayer, but we doubt that players skip the stories entirely.

In fact, this author actually prefers the solo options in Call of Duty, and is a bit bummed that there won't be something similar in this year's biggest game. We can certainly understand why the multiplayer is the focus in the space faring foray, but it is a disappointment that EA's not going the extra mile. And with Treyarch delivering three separate major modes in Black Ops 3 this year, we don't think that we're being unreasonable either.

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