A Boy and His Blob PS4 PlayStation 4

It may surprise some of our American readers, but the NES was never particularly popular in Europe. The console certainly had a presence in these parts, but computers like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum were far more prevalent – especially in the UK. This author did have a friend, however, who had one of the grey boxes, and A Boy and His Blob was one of the best games that he owned for it.

In truth, we never really progressed beyond the sewers, but we just enjoyed feeding the gelatinous sidekick with all manner of different beans to see what happened. It's good to hear that a new entry in the franchise is in production for the PlayStation 4, then – even if it does come amid sad circumstances.

For those out of the loop, Majesco has been in dire straits for a little while now, and currently consists of just five employees. However, after a dark period of debt and layoffs, it's slowly trying to turn the company around, and it intends to do that by focusing on digital games. And one of the titles that it's currently got in production is a new version of A Boy and His Blob, which will release on the PS4 within the "next two fiscal quarters".

Whether this will be based upon WayForward's fairly recent Nintendo Wii reboot or something different entirely remains to be seen, but this could clearly tug some nostalgia cords if it's done well. Are you a fan of the puzzle platforming property? Shake your Jelly Belly in the comments section below.

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