Do you remember when the PlayStation Network went down? No, we don't mean last night – we're talking about the last major outage, which occurred over Christmas. Sony's servers were down for days, and while the whole sorry affair was good for our traffic ticker, it didn't exactly reflect well on the platform holder. In fact, it was forced to apologise with a PlayStation Plus membership extension and a 10 per cent discount offer.

Well, the Lizard Squad member who initiated the attack, Julius 'zeekill' Kivimaki, was tracked down by Finnish authorities and convicted of a frightening 50,700 charges related to computer crimes. Despite this, however, the 17-year-old missed out on jail time, receiving a two year suspended sentence instead. All of his online activities will henceforth be monitored by Finnish authorities, so he may want to be careful what he clicks on.

At the time, the teenager gave an interview with UK channel Sky News, explaining that he attacked the PSN in order to "raise awareness" of the "low state of computer security" on the service. In reality, however, no information was compromised – instead, the tearaway simply overloaded Sony's servers, causing things to crash. Hopefully he's learned his lesson from all of this, though Lizard Squad doesn't seem all that remorseful right now.

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