New Ps4

Sony's rolled out the PlayStation 4's first hardware revision in Japan, and it sounds like a decent improvement. The new model, dubbed CUH-1200, is apparently much more power-efficient, and it's also quieter when its fan gets going.

According to Japanese blog Pocket News, who have taken one of the new consoles apart and peered within, the system's insides have been jumbled around. For starters, it uses less memory modules when it comes to handling its 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. Where older models used 16, the CUH-1200 makes use of just eight, which unsurprisingly lowers energy consumption by a considerable amount.

As mentioned, the revision is also 'noticeably' quieter. This is because of the console's rebalanced components, as its less demanding hardware obviously doesn't generate quite as much heat. According to the report, the PS4's fan unit hasn't actually changed, but a lighter power supply that has a lower output, combined with numerous tweaks to the console's cooling assemblies, means that it's not as likely to go into overdrive quite so often.

Good stuff, then, but it's worth noting that this isn't the 1TB system that's coming out over here in the West. As far as we know, the 1TB PS4 will use the same design as the standard machine; in other words, this lighter, energy-efficient, and quieter model will only be available in Japan until further notice.

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