Nintendo PlayStation PSone 1

You've all seen – and angrily commented on – our story about the Nintendo PlayStation, but how would you like to take a closer look at the cancelled console? The prototype platform's owner, Dan Diebold, has uploaded a video on YouTube showing off the disc-based device, which was conceived as part of a poisoned partnership between Sony and the House of Mario.

The unit – which was one of just 200 produced – was found in an attic, and was previously owned by Olaf Olafsson, who was one of Sony Computer Entertainment's earliest employees. The consoles were supposed to be destroyed, so this may be one of the few remaining devices in the world. As such, it's hilarious how blasé Diebold acts in the video, considering this is an incredible piece of video game memorabilia.

As showcased in the clip, the console comes with a cartridge and a disc, but it's unclear what's on either as the device is missing its power cord. We're secretly hoping that Diebold decides to sell this to a well-informed collector, as we'd hate to see it busted as part of some kind of attempted restoration bodge job. Alternatively, just send it here – we'll happily exhibit it here at Push Square Towers.

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