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We hope that you didn't expect to see a lot of new Final Fantasy XV footage at Gamescom 2015 next month, because according to Square Enix's schedule, the publisher's planning on showing the game's same old Episode Duscae demo over 17 times at the German expo.

Each live demonstration will be around two hours long, and on each day of the event, from the 5th August to the 9th August, the hosts will be joined by a different YouTuber. We're not making this up.

The single saving grace is that there's a one hour, Final Fantasy XV-related Active Time Report scheduled for the first day, and along with the rest of the events, it'll be streamed via Square Enix's Twitch channel. For those out of the loop, the Active Time Reports are essentially small panels where key staff members of the development team give updates on the featured title.

We hope and pray that we see something - anything - new during that one hour slot, because let's face it, this is becoming a bit of a joke, especially after the publisher so adamantly declared that Noctis and the gang would have a big showing at Gamescom when the release failed to turn up at E3.

Are you sitting there shaking your head? Are you somehow hyped for more Episode Duscae? Ask what the heck is going on in the comments section below.

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