Grow Home PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Grow Home, the quirky plant-based platformer from Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections, looks like it will be taking seed on the PlayStation 4 soon. A video promoting the system's new Vote to Play feature included the title alongside Zombie Vikings and Armello, and while it may be there merely for illustrative purposes only, we'd be surprised if Sony promoted a release not coming to its platform.

The game, which sees you controlling a robot tasked with growing a plant in order to oxygenate its home planet, received really strong reviews when it released on the PC – a surprise seeing as the title came out of nowhere. A console port always seemed likely seeing as it employs the Unity Engine, but the French publisher has remained silent on the matter up until now. We'll reach out to the company in an attempt to get confirmation.

[source News: Sony Wants You to Pick Your Next PS4 PlayStation Plus Freebie]