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Disappointed with this month's PlayStation Plus selection? It sounds like Sony will be giving you the choice to select your freebies moving forwards. A trailer on the 'What's New' section of the PlayStation 4 confirms that a new feature is on the way, allowing you to vote for which title you want to be given away for free. Judging by the clip, you'll have three titles to pick from each month, and the one that gets the most votes will be added to the Instant Game Collection.

The trailer notes that the two losers will still be available on the PlayStation Store and will secure discounts for PlayStation Plus members. It looks like the voting functionality will be built into the system's user interface, with bar charts allowing you to see the current winner in realtime. The three games demonstrated in the trailer are: Zombie Vikings, Armello, and Grow Home – the latter of which appears to be coming to the PS4 after a successful PC launch.

We expect Sony to reveal more about this in the coming days. Still, this sounds like absolutely huge news, and is going to give you a little more power to decide which games you get for free each month. What do you make of this forthcoming feature? Make a choice in the comments section below.

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