Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4 Patch

Rocket League is comfortably one of the best games on the PlayStation 4, but since deploying the madcap multiplayer title earlier in the month, developer Psyonix has been busy beavering away on a patch for the popular soccer adaptation. And fan site Rocket League Garage has been collating all of the details from the studio's Twitter account.

Due out early next week, the update will make a whole host of tweaks to the already excellent experience. For starters, your win/loss ratio will be displayed as a much more meaningful percentage moving forwards, while bots will adjust skill level depending on the average level of the players in a particular match.

The company's also working on a slew of other features, including a spectator mode and extra items for those who survived the server outage at launch. It's also got some free and premium DLC in the pipeline, with a new stadium set to be given away in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the Supersonic Fury add-on will cost money, but will come with two new cars.

Are you still enjoying Rocket League – or has the novelty worn off yet? The game's surpassed four million downloads at the time of typing, which is pretty extraordinary – although it has, obviously, been buoyed by its PlayStation Plus promotion. Still, we told you that this would be big over a year ago.

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