PlayStation 4 PS4 Vita China Press Conference

Sony's top brass are in China right now – you may have spotted Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida tweeting from his Shanghai hotel room. That's because the manufacturer's planning to hold a press conference regarding the future of PlayStation in the potentially lucrative nation imminently – and while we've opted against the usual live blog for this one, we figured that we'd at least tell you where you can watch it.

But first, the disclaimers: there's absolutely no guarantee that there'll be anything of interest to a Western audience during this briefing. More likely is that the Japanese giant will show a bunch of games which are in the process of being localised. As such, you absolutely shouldn't get your hopes up. We'll, of course, share any headlines should they emerge – but go into this expecting E3-esque announcements, and you're setting yourself up for extreme disappointment.

That said, if you want to watch the show, you'll be able to catch it live through here. Things are set to kick off at 08:00AM BST (03:00AM EDT/00:00AM PDT). If you don't fancy staying up late (or getting up early), then check back here and we'll bring you all of the news that matters.