PlayStation China 1

They've made such minimal impact that you may be forgiven for forgetting that the PlayStation 4 and Vita recently launched in China, but Sony will be holding a press conference in Shanghai on 29th July in order to discuss its future plans for the formats in the potentially lucrative territory. Big names like Andrew House – the president of Sony Computer Entertainment – will be in attendance at the event, so while you shouldn't expect any noteworthy announcements from a global perspective, we're sure that there'll be some tidbits of interest.

The event is set to take place the day prior to the China Joy convention, where PlayStation will have a presence. From the limited information we have available, it doesn't sound like the PS4 and Vita have got off to the best of starts in the colossal country, but Sony's home system is apparently ahead of the Xbox One, which got a significant headstart. Speaking with a local publication, SCE Asia's Hiroyuki Oda explained that the platform holder remains committed to cultivating domestic talent, so expect more titles targeted directly at Chinese consumers to be announced during the briefing.

Is there anything that the Japanese giant can do to succeed in China – or will cultural issues prevent it from ever making a meaningful impact in the nation? Share your foreign business strategy in the comments section below.

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