Gauntlet Slayer Edition PS4 PlayStation 4

Whoa – at what point did it become E3 again? It's been an unusually busy day today here on Planet PlayStation, and Swedish outfit Arrowhead Game Studios has been stealing a fair share of the headlines. Not content with announcing a new expansion for Helldivers, the ex-Magicka developer has also revealed that Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is bludgeoning its way to Sony's new-gen box.

The title – based upon the classic fantasy role-playing releases of yore – originally deployed on the PC last year, and will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in August for $19.99. For those unfamiliar with this refresh, it maintains the four player co-op action of the arcade original – but dresses it in a new, high-definition skin.

This won't be a simple port, however. In addition to overhauling the assets from the PC edition, game director Emil Englund touches upon new game modes, visual improvements, and more on the PlayStation Blog. It'll be available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store starting later today in North America. There's no word just yet on whether the same will apply in Europe.

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