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Sorry expectant couch co-op fans, it sounds DOOM won't have any sort of campaign split-screen when it launches next year. Speaking to PC Gamer, Marty Stratton, the game's executive producer, said that while you'll be able to create your own co-op-esque levels thanks to the title's SnapMap feature, there won't be a more traditional option to join up with your buddies.

It's worth noting, however, that this design decision isn't necessarily final, as Stratton does state that "[co-op play] is probably something we'll think about for future iterations". It's perhaps disappointing news for now, then, but at least the release could still prove to be a pretty stellar shooter, judging from what we've seen of it so far.

Are you still excited for DOOM, or has this news put a dampener on the blood splattered party? Blast your way into the comments section below.

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