End of the line

Over here at Push Square Towers, sometimes even we are baffled at some of the potential news that slips under our radar for long periods of time, and you can count this article as a demonstration of that in action. Gamespot has relayed a YouTube video by timesplitter88 that showcases an obscure side objective that you can complete in the Déjà Vu mission exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and from the content of this mission, it's surprisingly foreshadowing of the recent events involved with removing Kojima's name from the box art of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In this side objective, you go around the island of the United States Naval Prison Facility and locate the logos for all of the franchise's titles with a flashlight, leading up to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as you exit the level on a helicopter. In the process of doing this, you erase all of these logos and come across a batch of incredibly intriguing dialogue uttered by Benedict Miller. He urges you on as you get rid of every Metal Gear title, but strangely enough, you can only appear to get rid of the ones that Kojima himself directed, since Miller will comment on a title like Metal Gear Acid, saying, "looks like that's nothing special". What's most telling, though, is one of the last lines delivered by Miller, who solemnly says: "You erased all the markings… but every one of them will always be with you." Even months before the rumors started, it seems possible that Kojima himself knew about his departure from Konami, and decided to subtly hint at this in his penultimate Metal Gear game.

What do you make of this connection? Do you believe that Kojima intentionally put this in Ground Zeroes for the purposes stated above, or is all of this a mere coincidence? Report to Mother Base in the comments section below to tell us what your theories are about this thought-provoking Easter egg.

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