Cod Bo3 Soldier

We know what you're thinking: a new Call of Duty, a new reason for the related studio to brag about how much better than the previous titles it'll be. And, while we can't say that we don't agree - at least to an extent - we can play the middle man, and throw some tasty developer quotes regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops III your way.

"We create a very rich fiction. We look at Black Ops 2 and say, 'OK, these drone strikes in 2025 occurred. What happens next in the world?'," Treyarch boss Mark Lamia told Polygon. Surprisingly, he then goes on to say that "we have a detailed wiki-like thing in the game. You might remember. You could hack into the computer in Black Ops. It's in your safe house."

So, with an in-game wiki, the whole narrative has to be pretty vast, right? That's certainly the case, according to Lamia. "we have detailed out the world. We have a full history of where the EU goes. It's our fiction, but it's as we have projected it out, literally, in more detail than we've ever done," he said.

That's one to mark down on your fact sheets, then, but what do you make of this? Do you think Call of Duty's story has ever reached its potential? Talk us through your ideal robot-laden future in the comments section below.

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