Shenmue III PlayStation 4 PS4

Shenmue III could yet get a Blu-ray release on the PlayStation 4, as Yu Suzuki explained during a Twitch livestream overnight that he's eager to make it happen. The veteran developer told fans that he's currently considering ways to get the disc produced, and pleaded patience while he figures out the final details. We reckon that this has to be announced before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, as it would really help to drive pledges.

Elsewhere in the live Q&A, the series creator reiterated that Sony is one of the project's most important partners, and that the platform holder won't be receiving a cent from the crowd funding campaign. He explained that approximately 35 per cent of the money raised will be spent on fees and rewards, while the remaining 65 per cent will go directly towards development. The PlayStation maker is contributing to marketing, promotion, and some production funding.

He also showed a new Ryo Hazuki character model, which is better than the one on the Kickstarter page, but is still not up to scratch. He explained that he wants to extract more personality from the character through facial expressions, and that he's in talks with the hero's original English and Japanese voice actors in order to get them to reprise their roles. New reward tiers are on the way, including a replica of the protagonist's watch.

Lastly, the SEGA legend hinted that the game may feature multiple playable characters, with Ren of Heavens and Shenhua candidates. He clarified that should the campaign stay where it is, the title will be focused more on story, while moving closer to $10 million will allow it to incorporate various open world aspects, as per the Stretch Goals. Oh, and one more thing: Shenmue III, as always anticipated, will not conclude the property's overarching plot. Sigh.

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