Shenmue III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Much like antagonist Chai, Yu Suzuki has chewed up any hope of a retail release of Shenmue III on the PlayStation 4 – for now. Following last night's shock announcement, a few firm details are starting to emerge regarding the perennially pined after sequel. An updated FAQ, for example, reveals that SEGA has given the series creator the rights to the license – and also that a PS4 retail release isn't currently on the agenda.

If you pledge upwards of $60 to the crowd-funding drive, you'll nab a physical copy for the PC – but it looks like Ys Net is focusing solely on the PlayStation Network for now. Of course, that could change over the course of the campaign. It sounds like other platforms aren't entirely out of the running either, with Sony's association seemingly ending with the launch of the Kickstarter page. "Other platforms have not been decided yet," the blurb explains.

To be honest, we couldn't give a toss about the smaller details: Shenmue III is getting made. We honestly never thought that we'd ever write those words.