"Water you thinking?"

Well, this is brilliant. The other day, Destiny developer Bungie announced that players could gain exclusive DLC by buying specific cans of energy drink Red Bull. Understandably, it was seen as a pretty reprehensible ploy, so now Polish Studio Techland has responded with its own promotion for Dying Light.

Indeed, in order to get yourself a free code for a premium weapon pack, simply snap a picture of your beautiful face drinking a glass of water, and upload it to Twitter tagged with . Genius.

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On the one hand, this side-splitting stunt can be viewed as a cynical marketing move. While on the other, it can be viewed as a humorous way of poking fun at a cynical marketing move on Bungie's part. We tend to think it's the latter, but what do you reckon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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