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Ah, you can't beat a bit of people power, can you? For whatever reason, PlayStation 4 owners have started to create a Twitter campaign centred on the idea of a better PlayStation Network – or, er, #BetterPSN if you're into all of that social media nonsense. It's not entirely clear what prompted the movement, but there have been some complaints regarding download speeds of late.

And while this isn't the sort of thing that we'd typically report on, we do reckon that it deserves spotlighting. There's no doubt that the PSN has improved monumentally since the PlayStation 3 days, but it still has glaring flaws that the Japanese giant needs to address. And as long as we're all constructive and polite, then there's no harm in helping the manufacturer identify them.

Some of the key complaints that we've spotted just browsing around the web include: the download list, download speeds, credit card authentication issues, friend notifications, and the PlayStation Store layout. People are also eager for two-step authentication to be implemented, alongside a store wishlist, gifting options, and an increase in cloud storage space.

To be honest, all of the above sound like solid ideas to us – but we'd like more. How about less intrusive maintenance, system-level stat tracking, and more library organisation options? We're probably delving into the realm of firmware updates here, but the PS4 is so tightly integrated with the PSN these days, that we'd like to see both simultaneously enhanced.

The frustrating thing is that there's so much Sony could do with the console that it's disheartening to see so little progress being made. Naturally, these things don't get built overnight – but a better experience across the board benefits the platform holder, as it will lead to increased engagement which should ultimately lift sales.

But what do you think would constitute a better PSN? Are there any features in particular that you're gagging for, or do you just wish that old issues would be cleaned up? Speak your mind in the comments section below.

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