Ff Type 0 Class

Three months after launch, Square Enix is finally getting around to addressing the two most common complaints regarding Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. There's an update on the way that promises to reduce motion blur, and somehow make the camera more manageable.

When we reviewed the game back in March, we pointed out that, at times, the title's motion blur effect is a little too heavy handed. Turn the camera even an inch, and the surroundings collide into a mess of colour. While the effect looks quite stylish during battle, there's no doubt that for many players, the motion blur has made the experience rather uncomfortable.

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With any luck, that'll no longer be the case when this patch hits the PlayStation Network. How did you find Type-0 HD? Did you have to play with a bucket at your side? Try not to puke in the comments section below.

[source novacrystallis.com]